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  • Your property listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location.
  • No contracts.
  • Viewing scheduling (by real humans!).
  • Access to the iMOVEHOME platform where you can upload your own photos, description and EPC.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Option to add professional extras including photos, floor plans and an EPC.
  • Offer negotiation.
  • Unlimited alterations to your advert.

iMOVEHOME allows you to take control over your own house sale by listing your home on the main property portals, saving you thousands on percentage based estate agency fees.

Take Control

  • You set your price
  • Only pay for what
    you need
  • Unlimited alterations

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Instant Upload

  • Instant valuation
  • Simple process
  • 24/7 access

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Sell for £249

  • No contracts
  • 0% commission
  • 100% support

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Nationwide Service.
Local Knowledge.

We can help you sell your property anywhere in the UK. With the most up-to-date valuation data from across the country, you can speak with one of our helpful team if you need advice on setting the right value.

Real people behind the scenes

Director - Cameron Howard-Wight

“We have trusted professionals based all over the UK who can produce beautiful photographs for you, energy performance certificates, floor plans & more.”

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Why Are We Different?

A word from our
founder and CEO

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I wanted to change the way we all think about selling our homes.

It’s time that we all took control of our property sales and escaped the old fashioned mind set of paying large fees to estate agents.

We are all IT capable and upload photos and information to various websites every day. You probably know how much you want for your home and if you don’t, you know how to research how much it is likely to fetch.

You deserve some control over your largest asset; you’ve worked hard for it. You don’t need someone telling you what the good and bad aspects of your property are - you know - you live there!

In essence, you just need the maximum exposure for your property on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. iMOVEHOME provides a knowledgeable team at hand to offer advice if you need it, answer enquiries for you, book viewings, collate feedback, take offers for you and make the sale happen.

The site has been designed to allow you to have full control over your advert. You also have the option to instruct us to do this for you. You have choice on how your property is presented, the value you’re asking for and you can change it at any time.

Rest assured the team at iMOVEHOME will help you along the way if you have any questions.

Best of luck with your next property sale!

Amy Dixon

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Instant valuation


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Complete your property description, highlighting any special features and add the number of bedrooms.



You can simply order any optional extras that you need.



View and check your advert before it goes live.



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