Frequently Asked Questions.


iMOVEHOME is a digital estate agent, we are property experts and are happy to help at any stage of your house sale. We believe in choice so you can instruct iMOVEHOME to act for you, your way.

What is a digital estate agent?

We are property experts and estate agents, centrally based providing unrivalled service UK wide, 7 days a week. Our customers benefit from a huge range of services, which can be chosen via our website. Every one of our customers instructs iMOVEHOME differently, each choosing different aspects of our service. A property can be uploaded at anytime via our website.

What’s included in the £249 base fee?

iMOVEHOME will check and verify your property listing and then market your property for sale on the big three property sites; OnTheMarket, Zoopla and Prime Location. All calls and enquiries are handled by iMOVEHOME. We answer queries, arrange viewings, analyse interest and make sure your property gets maximum exposure. iMOVEHOME doesn’t stop there, we help you negotiate any offers and see you through to completion.

How do I instruct iMOVEHOME?

A customer would simply press the ‘Get Started’ button on any of the home pages and begin the 8 simple step procedure to instruct iMOVEHOME.

Do I pay upfront?

Yes, you pay for the services you would like upfront. There are no further fees to pay.

Is there any fee to pay upon sale?

No, there aren’t any payments, commission or any fee due on completion. iMOVEHOME only charge upfront so our customers know exactly where they stand.

Who values my home?

iMOVEHOME gives you, the home owner, the tools to value your own home.

Our valuation tool is free to use and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We collate heaps of data on your property but if you’d like further assistance, our expert valuers are available via telephone, email or live chat via our website between 9am and 6pm Monday to Saturday.

Who sets the asking price?

iMOVEHOME believes you know your home better than any agent or expert so we give you the information which helps you set the price. As you upload your property you will be asked to enter an asking price, we will recommend three values but if you need any help we are here to help.

How long does it take to get my property marketed?

iMOVEHOME aims to be the fastest to bring your property to the market amongst online or high street agents (by far).

We aim to conduct the services that you have ordered within 24hrs and set our property to go live the very next day. If you have not ordered any additional services, again iMOVEHOME will usually be able to verify your listing within 24hrs and set your property to go onto the market as soon as our verification visit is complete.

As iMOVEHOME is all about choice, we can of course delay your launch until a desired date.

How are viewings arranged?

iMOVEHOME loves tech but we know that somethings just need a personal touch. We arrange your viewings however they suit you, by phone, email or text.

Does iMOVEHOME cover viewings?

This is up to the home owner. We have a viewings agents all over the UK and for a fee of £55 per hour (surcharge may be applicable in some Scottish post codes) we will take a viewer to your property and conduct a viewing or we can arrange viewings for the homeowner to meet themselves which of course is included in the base fee of £249. We can also hold keys for the property if this is easier.

Is there a minimum requirement for an advert?

Yes, you will need at least one picture of your property and to have provided a description of the property. You must have ordered from us, uploaded or upload an EPC within 7 days of your advert being made live. For properties in Scotland, you must have ordered from us, have ordered from another source or uploaded your home sellers report.

What do the ‘Optional Extras’ cost?

A full price list can be seen here. Remember you can order each item individually.

Are any ‘Optional Extras’ compulsory?

No there are no compulsory optional extras, you can advertise your property and complete your own advert for £249 only.

Can I add ‘Optional Extras’ later on?

Yes at any time.

How long can my property be on the market for?

We do not have a maximum time limit, we will market your property until sold.

When are iMOVEHOME open?

We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can instruct us online, call us on 01785 413800, email at hello@imovehome.com or message us via live chat available through our website.

My property is already on the market, can I use iMOVEHOME?

iMOVEHOME does not ask for a contract between us and the home owner so you can market your property with as many agents as you like. Be aware other agents may contract you to pay them regardless of who sells the property.